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The world of Palumar is where the Keepers of the List campaign takes place. The known world consists of three major continents, with the majority of civilization existing on what are easily referred to as the Eastern and Western Continents. The northern ends of these two continents are a frozen wasteland for most of the year, while the southern ends spend virtually the entire year in a hot, humid climate. The citizens of the world widely recognize a six-day week (with each cycle of the moon comprising five weeks). The six days are known as Kingsday, Knightsday, Peasantsday, Merchantsday, Farmersday, and Queensday.

Magic, although rare in most parts of the world, has played a huge part in the development of technology. It aids in travel, exploration, health care, and to an extent even day-to-day activities like law enforcement and commerce. Military might of course comprises the majority of a nation's power, but there is always the chance- especially in the case of small countries and communities- that a powerful spellcaster will arise and tip the scales. In civilized areas, most magic is learned in a controlled setting- Wizard Schools are located all across the world, and the various gods have churches in every country to pass on the divine powers granted by their patron deities. There are legends, however, of people being born with unmatched magical power beyond their control- referred to as Sangcasters- as well as tales of powerful, usually malevolent, beings known as demons who can grant dark magical power unseen in a church or temple.

The water that surrounds the continents is known collectively as the "Astral Ocean"- the area between the continents is called the Inner Astral, while the area around them is called the Outer Astral. Nobody knows quite how far the Outer Astral extends, or what exists beyond- there may be other continents or unknown locales beyond the edges of the map, or the world may even have an edge- any expeditions directly into the Outer Astral throughout history have never returned. Similarly, any magical attempts to discern the waters beyond has resulted in the magic failing beyond a certain point. There are legends, of course, of ships blown off course and winding up in mysterious lands where creatures defy the laws of physics and magic, or where time itself operates differently than elsewhere. Some people say that these foreign lands are the homes of the gods, while others disbelieve any claims of lands beyond altogether.

The Eastern Continent


The Eastern Continent is where the campaign begins. It consists primarily of three countries: the dwarven land of Seven Hammers, the mostly human country of Eodon, and the elven-ruled peninsula of Coril.

Seven Hammers

Seven Hammers (known by another name in the dwarven language) has been dwarf land for as long as anyone can remember (even the long-lived dwarves). Much of the country is covered by a near-permanent layer of ice, and the warm season can be incredibly short. Because of this, most dwarven cities exist deep in the earth, close to the molten floes of magma below- though even in the coldest northern reaches, there are still villages that get by living on the surface, fighting against the cold any way they can. Aside from the dwarves, the natives range from giants roaming the mountains, to goblins and orcs hiding in caves, to powerful and ancient dragons who roost in icy crags and below frozen lakes.

Seven Hammers is ruled by a council of dwarves, descended from the ancient founders of the country thousands of years ago, called the Golden Anvil. Although more bureaucratic than most other races care to bother with, the Golden Anvil has dealt with disputes among their people fairly and justly without issue for centuries.


The country of Eodon, like the temperamental humans that have called it home, has lived a tumultuous life throughout history. The past five hundred years have seen an era of peace for its people, but it took much warfare and bloodshed to get to that point- and many will agree that for a country with a history like Eodon, war is never far off. The earliest major war in recorded history, known simply as "The Great War", occured in -1256 YNR, in what is now the southern parts of Eodon. The human nation, then a collection of city-states collectively called Horaddon, declared war on the trystborn land of Coril- it's unclear what started the hatred between the two nations, but tensions had been high between the two for as far back as the records shown. The war raged on for just over a century, finally ending in -1154 YNR with the ultimate defeat of the southern nation. The humans of Horaddon, with aid from their elven allies across the continent, reduced the trystborn land into little more than ruin. They took every man, woman, and child they could find into slavery, and it wasn't for another two hundred years that trystborn slavery was outlawed, after which point some of the red-skinned folk attempted to move back to their homeland, while others began to (uneasily) incorporate themselves into society.

About five hundred years ago, another great change came to the rulership of Eodon. The king at the time, Aldwyn Larethal III, died with no known heir (it was said that both he and his only son were assassinated), and rulership was passed to his military advisor, trystborn Galex Refic. A group of King Aldwyn's elite guard, the Horselords of Eodon, were exiled by the new King Refic- unwilling to accept their exile, however, the knights tracked down a hidden heir to the throne, put under magical protection and secreted away in a small village by King Aldwyn many years before, and set out to bring justice to the throne. They gathered allies from the northern country of Seven Hammers, as well as many influential nobles from within Eodon, and exposed Galex's traitorous plot to assassinate King Aldwyn, and put the trystborn to death. The new heir was brought forth, and a council was put together to work in tandem with the country's royal ruler in order to ensure such an upset never happened again. Since then, the nation has seen an era of unprecedented success- it has expanded as much as the land would allow, and the institution of the King's Road has allowed for commerce and communication to travel throughout the lands much faster and easier for all.

Today, Eodon is still ruled by a family of royal blood, but also with a group of advisors known as the Grey Council operating out of the nation's capital. It counts people of all races among its citizens, though humans outnumber other races greatly. Throughout its history, Eodon has always been famous for its horses- steeds raised and trained in and around the Grey City are considerably stronger, faster, and smarter than horses found anywhere else. The elite guard of the crown are known as Horselords, and those knights train and work with their horses tirelessly to work seamlessly as one unit.


Coril was, originally, land belonging to the trystborn people long before recorded history. These tailed, red-skinned, horned people- calling themselves a name that is now lost in antiquity- went to war with the humans in what is now Eodon many centuries ago. After the war ended, the trystborn were taken from their ancestral homes, and the land- what remained after the cities were razed by the human victors- was gifted to the elven people, who took the land and made it their own. Many trystborn returned to their home after slavery was abolished, but the new elven rulers have made little motion to give the land back (short of allowing trystborn easy citizenship).

The country consists of one large peninsula reaching south. Before the Great War, its borders extended quite further north (exactly how far depends on the person telling the story) but much of that, dotted with battlefields, was incorporated into Eodon after the war ended. Much of Coril is hilly, humid land, with fish and spices as major exports. The capital, Io, is a large port city- it holds one of the few ports that makes regular voyages to the South Waste, and as such, much of the local businesses serve clientele consisting of rugged, adventurous types voyaging into uncharted territories.

The Western Continent

The Western Continent is where most monstrous races, like kobolds, lizardfolk and even draknor, are said to have originated- as well as the ancestral home of gnomes and halflings. Much of the southern half of the country is covered in dense forest and jungle, while the northern half is plains and hills. The continent was mostly nomadic and uncharted when first contact was made by human and elven explorers- since then, the vast lands have been split up into dozens of small countries, some claiming loyalty to countries like Seven Hammers and Eodon, and others claiming complete independence. Almost all ships that bring passengers to and from the Western Continent pass through the city of Serasham, located on the western edge of Eodon to the east.

The South Waste

The South Waste is blisteringly hot, dry, and deadly. Its uncharted lands are said to be covered in deserts where darkness blots out the sun despite the midday's heat, and undead are rumored to spring up out of the depths and pull under an unwary explorer. There exists only one permanent settlement, a city called Oblivion, located on the northern edge of the continent, on the one stretch of coastline that isn't made up of impassable cliffs and rocks that can tear a ship's hull apart. The population of Oblivion is almost entirely comprised of adventurers who are readying themselves for what will likely be a one-way trip into what's become known as the Shadowsands. Legends tell of nomads who exist just beyond the reaches of civilization, who have learned how to traverse the Shadowsands without issue- but whenever someone claims to have found one of these nomads to guide them through the desert, they are never heard from again.

History Timeline

YNR- Year of the New Reign

-2105 YNR

The elven race arrives in Palumar.

-1944 YNR

With aid of their new elven allies, the humans of the Eastern Continent begin raising the horses that the land would later be known for.

-1856 YNR

The first contact is made between the Western and Eastern Continents.

-1256 YNR

The Great War begins between the humans of Horaddon (later Eodon) and the trystborn of Coril.

-1154 YNR

The Great War ends after a climactic battle at the Gorge of Golaos, in what is now southern Eodon.

-954 YNR

The current king of Eodon, King Terras Highfell, outlaws trystborn slavery. It takes several generations to ultimately enforce, but this is the first step towards creating peace among the many inhabitants of the Eastern Continent.

-4 YNR

King Aldwyn Larethal dies under suspicious circumstances shortly after his only son's death. It becomes the first time since the Great War that the country of Eodon is without a human ruler.


King Galex Refic is overthrown, the true heir is brought forward. The New Reign begins.

22 YNR

The King's Road is completed, allowing for safe and easy travel and trade from the west and east ends of Eodon.

463 YNR

The trade city of Archdale is split in half by an earthquake, devastating trade throughout the continent until the Diten Corps solves the problem.

464 YNR

The tradition of Quest Day begins to raise money and morale in Eodon. It becomes a worldwide phenomenon, attracting adventurers from as far as the Western Continent.

516 YNR

The campaign begins.

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