The Story So Far

Keepers of the List

September 27th, 2014

Out of Game

We met up for the first time, made last-minute adjustments to our characters, and began on the first session of the Keepers of the List campaign. The party met up, set off on a quest, and took part in a harrowing battle! Too bad the poor, defenseless NPCs had to bite the dust.


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It was nearing sundown on Quest Day, which means one thing- questgivers were arriving at taverns in Archdale to hire adventurers. Shkn, Ferra, Zeraine, Malathorn, Ghost, and Phileus met up in the Drunken Dragon (or was it the Drunk & Dragon?) in search of work. Luckily, Shkn and Ferra befriended Leclerc and Esprit, who turned out to be questgivers- who then hired the group to exterminate some goblins from Esprit's new home up in the Arcala mountains. After agreeing on the terms, the party split up for the night- most of the group went to sleep, while Phileus wandered the red light district, separating some purses from their owners and attempting to out-hustle a hustler. The next morning, the group met up once more, ate some bacon, and joined Leclerc and Esprit in their horse-drawn wagon as they continued north.

Once the party reached the woods, however, a ruined cart on the road turned into a deadly ambush from members of the Regias Brotherhood, purple-masked bandits who have been terrorizing travelers in the Southern Vale. But the party was victorious, and after retrieving the stolen gains and respectfully disposing of the bodies, they were once again on their way. It was late, but they finally arrived at the wrought-iron gate to Stalvan Manor.

XP Awarded

For one combat plus some roleplaying, everyone present (Shkn, Ferra, Zeraine, Malathorn, Ghost, and Phileus) was awarded 250 xp.


What mysteries and surprises await out heroes in Stalvan Manor? Who are Esprit and Leclerc, and where are they from? Who is the Regias Brotherhood? And what is this "list" everyone keeps talking about, and why is someone keeping it?

Find out next time on Keepers of the List!

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