People In The World

I've listed all of the NPCs you've either met or been told about so far. Feel free to let me know if I've missed somebody, or if you would like to add anybody of your own.

esprit%202.jpg Esprit Stalvan- A young girl of only 17, Esprit recently inherited a large estate up in the Arcala Mountains. She and her friend Leclerc have traveled across the country to investigate its condition, and hire adventurers to clear out any monsters who may have taken up residence. Timid and quiet, Esprit tends to let Leclerc do most of the talking.
Leclerc.jpg Leclerc Jainwright- A devout Paladin of Deluz, Leclerc has been traveled across the country with his close friend, Esprit, in order to help her find the land she has inherited. Tall, brave, outgoing, and often louder than he means to be, Leclerc has taken it upon himself to speak for his companion and watch out for her well-being.
Grell.jpg Grell- One of the goblins encountered in Stalvan valley, he was taken in as a sidekick by Sh'kn. He seems to have a talent for "acquiring" daggers, and aspires to some day become a superhero like Sh'kn. Since being befriended, he has learned the common tongue, and has helped teach Sh'kn how to speak goblin.
Emeren.jpg Emeren- An odd individual, Emeren seems to be a (swordless) swordsman that met the party while stumbling through the Endless Forest. The only time he isn't drinking from his (seemingly endless) tankard of ale, he's either drinking from his flask of "water" or telling a tale about him fighting monsters or climbing mountains or starting a barfight. He traveled with the party for a few days, and then continued on his own way as they ventured towards Bliton.
Professor%20Bistle.jpg Professor Bistle- An aged scholar from the Grey City, Professor Bistle has lived in Bliton longer than anyone else (though that isn't saying much). As the longest-standing resident, he is the owner of most of the property in and around the town. He was attacked by some of Kalrast the Dark's men while examining an old dragon's gravesite, and subsequently rescued by the party. Since then, he has done all he can to help them on their quest.
Elise.bmp Elise Branch- At a young age, Elise made a vow to serve the force of nature itself, willingly giving up her left arm as tribute. She traveled to Blight Keep to uncover Kalrast the Dark's plot to open the rift to the Shadowsands, but was caught and almost killed in the process. She accompanied the heroes, however, and assisted them in slaying the necromancer once and for all.

Jannah and Cerah- Two wenches hired by Ghost to help clean and repair an abandoned building in Bliton. Having been paid a year's wages in advance, they are willing to do whatever the job takes.

Oli.jpgOli- A tortoise that lives near the fork in the King's Road that leads to Bliton. He enjoys jerky, does not want to travel, and believes he has at least three children that he has agreed to name Phileus, Ferra, and Malathorn.


An organization of thugs and bandits that have been terrorizing the trade routes of the Southern Vale for the past few decades. When not hiding their presence, they are easily recognized by the purple bandannas they wear as masks.

The Regias Brotherhood is run by Jeremiah Diten, the half-elf engineer whose company, the Diten Corps, invented the sophisticated lock system that allows travel up and down the falls in Archdale. Refused payment and imprisoned by the crown, Jeremiah escaped and founded the Regias Brotherhood, and have plans to overthrow the government as retribution.

Known members:

Jeremiah Diten- The leader of the Regias Brotherhood and one of the three founding members of the Diten Corps. Currently overseeing operations and training in their hideout somewhere in the Arcala Mountains.

Strongbeard.jpgStrongbeard- The burly dwarf foreman that runs the docks of Archdale and oversees the operation of the lock that allows travel between the upper and lower levels of the river, Strongbeard is one of the three founding members of the Diten Corps, and has been recruiting new members for the Brotherhood among the rabble of Archdale.
Rock.jpgRock- A human rogue with a penchant for killing.
Paper.jpgPaper- A human sorcerer whose affinity is fire magic.
scissors.jpgScissors- A dwarven fighter that specializes in using two axes.
Shoot.jpgShoot- An elven cleric of Latris who revels in inflicting pain on those unworthy.
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