Myths, Legends, and Rumors

The Brothers

According to legend, life began far away on what is now the Western Continent. When the world was still young, two brothers named Leon and Gran crossed the ocean, and were the first explorers of the east. Their exploits facing powerful monsters, braving deadly dangers, and mapping the land we now know have grown and grown with each retelling, and many ancient artifacts have been unearthed and attributed to the brothers.

The Nazzkraig

Every religion has a story about the Nazzkraig, with origins ranging from a god's faithful pet to a personification of the world's end. But religion aside, one thing is certain: The Nazzkraig is an unstoppable, monstrous engine of death and ruin. Legends of it have been passed around for all of history, and it has been credited with the destruction of more than one civilization. Most legends describe it as a massive scaled beast, capable of devouring an entire battalion in one gulp, with an impenetrable hide that deflects even the most powerful magic. Legend tells it spends most of its time asleep, waking only to destroy and feed on anyone or anything that comes near.

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