Gaming-Related Links

Character Sheet
Here's the official 3-page Character Sheet by WotC.

Current Standard
This one is another, custom character sheet.

5e Player's Handbook (Black & White)
As it says- for anyone that doesn't have it, here's the 5th Edition Player's Handbook.

Fantasy Portrait Index
This one is a website (I think it's powered by 4chan) where an automated program collects artwork from various sources (deviantart, etc.) and categorizes them according to the characters within. It's a great resource for finding character portraits- looking for a character with a beard? Type in "beard" and scroll through all of the portraits of characters with beards. Want a bearded guy in armor? Type in "beard" and "armor". And "brown_hair". And so on. Be warned, though- there's a lot of NSFW portraits in there, too, so use your own discretion, I suppose.

Other Links

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