House Rules

House Rule Overview

First, let me get this out of the way. It probably goes without saying, but as the DM, what I say goes. If a rules dispute comes up mid-game, I'll try to let it take up as little table time as possible. I will often make an immediate ruling for us to follow for the remainder of the session, and whoever brought up the issue will have the responsibility to find the correct (or more popular, if there isn't a definite) ruling before the next session.

I firmly believe that any rule that takes away from the game should be gotten rid of. If anyone has an issue with the game, whether it's a rule, a particular judgment call of mine, or something with another player, please, please, PLEASE bring it up (preferably at the end of a session, or between sessions). If there is a particular rule that's bothering you, tell me, and tell me why. If it can be easily fixed, we'll fix it, and if it can't be easily fixed, we'll find a good compromise (if one can be found). If it is something that involves the whole group, then I may have the group take a vote on whether the rule should be changed. Once a ruling has been made, please try your best to adapt to it.

Ruleset and allowed books

This campaign will be using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D Next) ruleset. The core books are still coming out, and we will all be feeling our way through them for a while, so things are certainly going to be liable to change as new books are released. For the time being, I will be allowing the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual- I will add more books as I read them.


I, as a DM and as a player, LOVE descriptions. You all have the full right to describe anything and everything you want to- from an ordinary attack roll to a powerful spell- however you want. Feel free to describe your basic attack as a mighty leap that cleaves through stone, or a simple magic missile as a bolt of fiery lightning that fries its targets. The more description, the better. There's one exception, though- you are allowed to add as much flavor text as you want to your actions, as long as it follows the mechanics of the ability 100%. I don't care if you describe your unarmed trike as momentarily causing a burst of flame, so long as you don't expect it to deal fire damage or set things on fire (unless you have some ability to do so). Go ahead and describe your Fireball spell as creating a transparent dragon that blasts your foes, but don't ask if you can use it to convince someone that you actually summoned a dragon. I may grant small circumstance bonuses to things from creative descriptions (in fact, I plan on doing so from time to time as an incentive to give better descriptions), but all of them will be a spur-of-the-moment bonus. Don't expect them every time.


This probably goes without saying, but if you're going to be late or absent for a game, please let me know as soon as possible. We're all adults with busy schedules, and I'm sure there will be a time or two when I've got to cancel at the last minute, but let's all just try to be as considerate as we can. In most cases, if someone is absent, we'll proceed without them- in that case, that player's character will be absent from the game. Unless strange circumstances require it, I will not be forcing any player play someone else's character, and any equipment or abilities possessed by the absent character will not be accessible unless they are at the game. In my opinion, that's the fairest way to handle it.

Character Creation

For more information, check out the Character Creation page.


For the first three levels, feel free to change any aspect of your character you wish. At the beginning, everyone's still getting a feel for the system, so I won't be holding anyone to anything character creation-wise (but please let me know what changes you've made to your character). Anything beyond third level, however, will require my approval to change anything.

Buying, Selling, and Crafting

In general, players may buy and sell anything they wish (as well as magic items) whenever they are in a town. In the case of selling equipment (magical or otherwise), you get half of the item's market price (unless I say otherwise)- for art, gems, and trade goods, you get the whole market price. In some cases, I may require some amount of roleplaying and/or skill checks in order to make unusual transactions, and I may in some circumstances allow roleplaying and/or skill checks to produce better/worse prices. In that case, the skills used will depend largely on the situation, and these situations with be the exception, not the rule. All I ask is that any time you make a purchase or sale (or any time you craft anything, magical or otherwise), you simply let me know- in the case of expendable items such as scrolls and potions, just tell me "I bought/made some scrolls/potions"- the specifics aren't necessary. In the case of more unique items, however, I'd prefer to know what you made (even if only to sate my own curiosity). Once we are all familiar with the intricacies of 5th Edition's magic item section, I may be allowing custom item creation, but until then, only published magic items are allowed.


When in combat, I will require that someone other than myself keep track of the group's (and enemies') initiative. Initiative will be rolled once at the beginning of each encounter as normal. Critical hits will be dealt with as normal as well. I will be using miniatures (whatever ones I can find) and a vinyl battle mat unless a better option presents itself. Experience will be handed out between sessions (and a record will be kept here on the website), and each player will be expected to keep track of their XP separately. (I will also, on occasion, hand out small amounts of bonus XP for good roleplaying or clever ideas.) However, players will not be allowed to level up until they have reached a good resting point (preferably a town, but any period of overnight rest will be sufficient).

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