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It's been a while, yet again. Sorry about that.

For session 19, we had an encounter with some bandits, an enchanted book swarm, an imp, a wraith, and a fire elemental. Some of those didn't have proper stats, so I'm giving everyone 1500 xp for the session.

For session 20, fewer encounters, but a completed quest! A fight with Diamara (more roleplaying and skill checks than combat), a cutscene battle with the wraith again, and a winter wolf. For all of that, I'll give out another 500 xp- plus a bonus 1000 (to everyone!) for completing a quest! That should jump-start the next level for everyone.

So as of 5/6/15, the xp counts are as follows:

Ghost - 9,340 (Level 5!)
Phileus - 9,215 (Level 5!)
Oooo - 7,720 (Level 5!)

And, due to our schedule change, Malathorn will be moved into the "Retired Heroes" section.

Re: Experience Points by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 05 Jun 2015 19:10

I like #6 and #4

Re: Story Survey by Xavier PaigeXavier Paige, 03 Jun 2015 03:45

So, the party has just returned from a quest, and at the moment, there is nothing pressing on the agenda. To better serve you, the players, I want you to tell me what you want to happen in the next session! Here are some choices:

1. Meet up with the Regias Brotherhood, and complete another job for them. Possible perks include money, ill-gotten treasure, and moving one step closer to overthrowing the crown.

2. Travel to Stalvan Manor, and meet up with your old pals Esprit and Leclerc, to see if they need anything done. Possible perks include roleplaying, exploration, a closer relationship with a wealthy noble, and possibly some more information surrounding her home's mysterious past.

3. Travel to Bliton, and find out how Ghost's hire-a-wench-to-house-sit-for-you plan has been going! Possible perks include… I don't know, Bliton is kind of a crap hole, but maybe something interesting might happen?

4. Bum around Archdale, investigating further into the mystery involving the town's founder and that strange staff. Possible perks include roleplaying, exploration, information regarding the town, and maybe some treasure somewhere?

5. Wander around the wilderness looking for random encounters. Perks include combat, treasure, and less responsibility to roleplay.

6. Travel to the capital! See the sight and hear the sounds of the big city. Possible perks include exploration, roleplaying, treasure maybe, and who knows what else!

7. <Insert your own ideas here>

Story Survey by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 01 Jun 2015 21:29
Magic Items by Rarity by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 07 May 2015 02:19

Alright! It's been quite a while- I should have written this out several weeks ago, but I've been busy.

For session 16, one encounter with a Wight and three Ghouls (was it three or was it two? I can't remember, so I'm giving out XP for three) equals 1300 for the party, meaning 325 for each. For good roleplaying and puzzle solving, I'll make that an even 400.

For session 17, we had one encounter with a troll and… two troglodytes? I think that's what it was. 1900 xp for that fight. After that was two Umber Hulks- a devastating encounter, but the group had (a small amount of) help and the Umber Hulks weren't acting normally, so I'm awarding half XP. That's 1800. Finally a short encounter with a strange Owlbear, who wasn't really trying to fight but nonetheless the party overcame a challenge, so I'll give out 360 xp for that.

So we've got a total of 4060 xp for last session, meaning 1015 for each player. So the two sessions together netted 1415 xp for everyone!

So as of 3/11/15, the xp counts are as follows:

Ghost - 6340
Phileus - 6215
Oooo - 5220
Malathorn - 4720

Re: Experience Points by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 29 Apr 2015 18:39

I received a request from this thread to tell the tale of Thor Cockhammer. Well, let me tell you a tale of grand adventure.
Thor Cockhammer was a dwarf, and a Druid. Dwarves are creatures of industry, of law and regulation, so going down the path of tree-worshipping is very unusual for them.

But Thor had a vision. He saw the folly in modern Druidism. For all that Druids profess to admire Nature, they are in truth contemptuous towards it - after all, their entire modus operandi is based on the assumption that Nature is some helpless weakling without them.

Thor did not wish to defend Nature. No, Thor wanted to bring Dwarven ingenuity to Nature's cause - he wanted to strengthen and embolden Nature. He wanted to render the concept of Druidism itself obsolete, by transforming Nature into an unstoppable, vicious, sadistic powerhouse of gratuitous violence and blood-curdling agony. He was going to strengthen Nature the Dwarven way.

With fire, poison, and explosions.

See, Thor had read The Origin of Species. He understood that the Druidic approach of coddling Nature - of protecting wildlife indiscriminately - was weakening it in the long term. If creatures don't have to fight to survive, their little bitch genes get passed on to the next generation. Survival of the fittest.

And believe you me, only the very fittest survived Thor's rampage.

The party first met him (by staggering coincidence, just after their dear friend and comrade Incitiatus had bit the dust) on the outskirts of a forest. They briefly wondered what this gruff, aggressively Scottish dwarf was doing with all that paraffin.
After narrowly escaping the ensuing bonfire (so long as he did this regularly, the forest would eventually evolve to become fireproof), they set out to adventure together. They did standard adventuring stuff, probably saved the world or whatever (Thor reluctantly admitted that the wholesale annihilation of the Material Plane was probably not in Nature's long-term interests). But Thor never forgot his calling.

When there was water, be it a sparkling brook or a tumultuous river, Thor would be there with a barrel of flesh-eating poison.

When there was earth, Thor would scatter salt.

When he walked into a clearing and came upon an idyllic scene of deer, rabbits, and lions living together in perfect harmony, he massacred them and infected the corpses with necrotic bacteria. There was no room for peace, not when the humanoids were coming with their axes and their ploughshares.
When the people of the land implored him for aid, he smiled and graciously accepted. And they thought he was helping them.

And it worked. Thor had been doing his work for centuries, and over time he engineered some breathtaking marvels. Well, not necessarily breathtaking - the cave bears of Sembia had long learned to survive in anoxic environments - but pretty fucking terrifying nonetheless. Did you know that some trees used to not be Treants? That the woods of the Sword Coast used to be flammable?

The gazelles of Thay could no longer rely on rivers and streams for clean water, so they devoted themselves to the faiths and became Clerics of various deities, imploring their gods for water to nourish their societies. The rabbits of Waterdeep found themselves bereft of grassland, so they learned how to draw nourishment from hobbit blood.

And the carp? Well, he might have made the fish too hardcore.

Thor Cockhammer sought out places of whimsy, of natural beauty, of clean air and glorious sun. He left them looking like fucking Mordor. In his wake, a thousand Saurons emerged, strengthened through suffering, made cruel through their torment. And the Realms shook with fear at the reckoning that they were owed.

Thor Cockhammer successfully turned the entire natural world of Faerûn into a breeding ground of hatred, violence, and despair. He transformed the weak, supplicant form of Nature into a ferocious abomination. And he died with nothing but pride in his heart - eviscerated by an armed ambush of blackberry plants and irate daffodils.

For session 15, more puzzle solving and roleplaying, as well as the inclusion of a new character, Rob (who I'm starting off at the same experience point total as the character with the lowest amount- Malathorn). And I'm giving everyone another 500 xp.

So as of 3/11/15, the xp counts are as follows:

Ghost - 4925
Phileus - 4800
Rob - 3805
Malathorn - 3305

Re: Experience Points by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 18 Mar 2015 16:35

For the session 14, there weren't any encounters, but Chris and Xave did a great job of roleplaying and puzzle-solving, so I'm going to give them each 500 xp.

So as of 3/8/15, the xp counts are as follows:

Ghost- 4425
Phileus - 4300
Malathorn - 3305

Also, I'm going to move Sh'kn and Ferra into the retired heroes section, so their information will be kept and updated whenever they return.

Re: Experience Points by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 11 Mar 2015 14:02

Hello, all!

How does Saturday, January 31st sound for our next session? Tom & Mary? Beuller? Beuller?

Session fourteen? by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 29 Jan 2015 13:58

Looks like I forgot to update xp for a few weeks! Sorry about that.

Looking at the Story So Far page, it looks like session 11.5 (?) gave 100 xp to Malathorn, Ghost, and Phileus, and session 12 gave 250 to just Phileus and Ghost. And session 13 gave the party 15,850…. wait a second! That wasn't real. In fact, I've edited the page so that entire tab is now gone, so unless you read it ahead of time (I know Jeff did, I don't think anyone else did) then you will never know what it said! Mwahaha! (Unless you learn to view previous edits. Then we're in trouble.)

Anyway, session 13 only had one encounter- 4 knights and a bandit captain, totalling 3250 xp- but divided up among three PCs and four NPCs, for a total of 464 each. Let's round that out to 475, shall we?

So as of 1/24/15, the xp counts are as follows:

Ghost - 3925
Phileus - 3800
Malathorn - 3305
Sh'kn - 2285
Ferra - 2285

Level 5 isn't for a while (6500 xp) so there's plenty of time for Sh'kn and Ferra to catch up!

Re: Experience Points by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 29 Jan 2015 13:06

Hey, guys!

Since last week was "technically" session twelve, let's make plans for "actual" session thirteen! I know Tom and Mary won't be able to make it (they're being Con Artists or something that sounded like that) but that doesn't mean we can't deal with some Regias!

Who can be there 1/24/15?

Actual session 13 by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 20 Jan 2015 17:38

I messed around with the Wikidot settings, and (hopefully) you should all be able to post links now. Let me know if it works.

No worries. It turns out Jeff can't make it either, so I'm going to run something for just Chris and Xave.

I'm curious, though, what happened last week? I never heard back from you guys.

Re: Session Thirteen by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 18 Jan 2015 01:37

The link above is for a game called ViewScream. It's a VARP- a Video Augment Role Playing game. The idea is that each of the players takes on the role of a member of a spaceship, located in a different part of the ship (engineering, medical, weapons, etc.). One person is in the bridge, and (as far as I can tell) acts as the DM, though from what it looks like nobody is really directing the game any more than anyone else. But when you play it, you play through a program like Skype, and only two people can speak at a time- so the idea being that the person in bridge is speaking to the others (either individually, or connecting them so they can talk). Each scenario presented in the rulebook gives some sort of a catastrophe- like aliens attacking, the ship's computer going rogue, and so on. When you play it, each person is trying to work with (or against) the others to make it out of the catastrophe alive.

There's videos of people playing it on Youtube, and I think the idea seems really neat, and I'd definitely like to give it a shot sometime.

ViewScream by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 17 Jan 2015 00:48

Mary and I are super-unlikely to make it this time around. I'll let you know if that changes.

Re: Session Thirteen by Tom RussellTom Russell, 16 Jan 2015 11:12

Oh, and I guess I should technically be calling this session twelve, since I'm not really considering the last one an official session.

Re: Session Thirteen by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 15 Jan 2015 16:20

Alright, guys. Who can make it to the game this weekend on Saturday the 17th? I'm going to plan out a full scenario, so we'll go on no matter how few people are present.

Session Thirteen by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 15 Jan 2015 16:17

I'm checking that out right now. I don't know why you guys aren't able to post links- I'll mess around with the Wikidot settings this weekend and see if I can change that.

Re: this is kinda cool by UltimaGabeUltimaGabe, 15 Jan 2015 16:16 You don't have to copy and paste because Gabe's editing skills are so awesome. [Edited by Gabe]

this is kinda cool by CfowlkesCfowlkes, 14 Jan 2015 18:37
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