The Good

Detroia - Lawful Good - Visualized as a strong woman clad in metal armor, she is the goddess of civilization, community, and law. Her paladins enforce laws, hunt down criminals, and serve as judges. Her clerics bless building construction, oversee town meetings, and craft magical constructs. Detroia is the twin sister of Azimuth. Her symbol is two hands held in trust.
Deluz - Neutral Good - Visualized as a bearded man in flowing white robes wielding a shining greatsword, Deluz is the god of goodness, healing, and light. His paladins protect the weak, fight the forces of undead and heal the sick. Sworn enemy of Mor'Eth. His symbol is a sword laid across a shining sun.
Molog - Chaotic Good - Pictured as a large creature resembling a mole or other burrowing creature, Molog is believed by many to have created the caves and mountains by burrowing through the ground when the world was young. (As such, the underdark is known as the Mologai, or "Molog's Road".) His followers are often stoneworkers, metalworkers, miners, and explorers. His symbol is a green, multi-faceted gem.

The Neutral

Harryp - Lawful Neutral - Pictured as a bare-chested man with tan skin and long grey hair, Harryp is the god of self-discipline, order, and hand-to-hand combat. Many monks revere him, and his followers often try to master combat as a way to achieve perfection- either for the good of mankind, or for the bane of it. His symbol is a man seated in meditation.
Caelaes - True Neutral - Visualized as a tall elven man, Caelaes was once a living wizard who learned every magic spell in the world. Because he had control over so much magic power, he gradually became one with magic itself, becoming the god of magic and knowledge. His followers seek out magic spells, create magic spells, operate libraries, and focus on a life of eternally seeking knowledge. His symbol is an eye surrounded by magical runes.
Azimuth - Chaotic Neutral - The god of nature and change, Azimuth is rarely visualized as the same being twice. Sometimes he is a human man, sometimes an elf, sometimes a bear, sometimes a wolf- he encourages his followers to revere nature, and remember that all things are destined to change, but each change is a necessary part of existence. He is the brother of Detroia. His symbol is an animal's claw.

The Evil

Latris - Lawful Evil - Latris is pictured as a brutal-looking woman wielding and wearing spiked chains as weapon and armor. The goddess of control and conquest, she believes in turning enemies into servants, and controlling the weak through force and corruption. She is said to be the warden of Carceri, the eternal prison that evil souls are condemned to after death. Her symbol is an empty hanging cage.
Mor'Eth - Neutral Evil - The god of darkness, the father of all undead, Mor'Eth is imagined as an emaciated demonic man (red skin, horns, tail) who wears armor black as night and wields two daggers that drain the soul of anything they touch. His followers create undead, spread sickness, and wage war against the forces of Deluz. His symbol is a skull seated on two crossed daggers.
Sumpr - Chaotic Evil - Pictured as a featureless being composed purely of primal fire, Sumpr is the god of fire and destruction. It is said that before Sumpr came into being, nothing decayed, and entropy did not exist. Unknown to many, Detroia and Azimuth had a sibling (in some stories a brother, in some a sister) that was caught in a fire. Neither went back to save Sumpr, and as a result the fire killed him/her, transforming his/her hatred into a being of pure hate and destruction upon death. Sumpr's followers believe that some day, everything in the world, nature and civilization alike, will be consumed by fire. This god's symbol is a spiraling fireball.

Minor Deities

Note: All Minor Deities were once mortal, and are all considered True Neutral. This is because, as mortals, their alignments, even at their most extreme, paled in comparison to primal beings like the Major Deities.
Terol - Caelaes' familiar, a beige-hooded rat, Terol became part of Caelaes' divinity when he became a god. Though not thought of as a god on its own, Terol is revered by many magical beasts, and it is said that when a being is inspired by curiosity, Terol must be hidden nearby, passing on his animal-like curiosity to them. His symbol is a caricatured rat silhouette.
Felicia, the Lucky Lady - In life, Felicia was a beautiful woman with a love for gambling; it is said that luck lived at her beck and call. As the legend goes, in a chance meeting with a traveling god, she wagered her soul against the god's divinity, and won. She has since been considered the patron goddess of luck. Her symbol is a pair of dice.
Terrano the Unseen - The god of stealth and trickery, little is known about Terrano's time as a mortal. Upon his death at an assassin's dagger, however, he ascended to divinity, and has become the patron of thieves, assassins, and masters of espionage. His symbol is a crescent moon.
The Watcher - Once a man, the Watcher's goal is to see every sight, climb every mountain, walk every road, and experience all that there is to experience. His followers are few- it is said that the only clerics who belong to him met him on the road at some point in their lives (whether they realized it or not), and some of his spark for adventure was passed on through their meeting. He has no official symbol- each follower chooses one that best represents their person journey.

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