Character Creation

In case you haven't made your character yet, here's a run-down of how we're doing it.

Ability Scores

For this campaign, we will be using the array presented in the Player's Handbook, on page 13. Your stats, in whichever order you wish, are going be be 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 before any racial modifiers.


Feel free to choose from any of the races in the Player's Handbook. Some races are more or less rare than others (see the Races and Classes page)- it's perfectly acceptable to play a "rare" race, but if you do so, please provide me the following: 1. A reason why you're drawn to that particular race, and 2. An explanation of how being that race has impacted your life so far.

Variants and Subraces

Feel free to play any of the Variants (such as the Human variant that gets a bonus feat) or any of the Subraces you wish, but as of right now I haven't decided how the subraces fit into the world. Until further notice, all members of a subrace (although different mechanically) are considered the same race as far as story is concerned. (So you might choose to play a drow, and you gain the racial abilities of the drow subrace, but your character need not look any different than any other elf. And even if you describe your character as having black skin, there will not necessarily be any social stigma because drow as they exist elsewhere are not established in Palumar.)


Similar to race, look at the Races and Classes page to see how your class might fit into the world. As with races, some classes are more rare than others- it is once again perfectly fine for you to play a "rare" class, but explain how it has affected your life.


Please choose a background from the Player's Handbook (starting on page 127). Feel free to tweak them however necessary- if a particular ability or proficiency doesn't fit what you had in mind, let me know. There shouldn't be any problem with swapping one out for the ability from a different background, or a different skill/tool proficiency or language, or making new traits/ideals/bonds/flaws. Backgrounds are almost 100% for roleplaying purposes, so do whatever works best for the character you had in mind!


Unless you've already made a character using some other method, I recommend choosing your starting gear from the class/background examples in the book. There is a variant for instead starting with a randomized amount of gold, but unless you had a specific need for that I'd prefer to just stick to the examples given for simplicity.


I almost forgot! Everyone is starting as a level 2 character (with an XP total of 300). You can either be level 2 in a given class, or level 1 in two classes (as per the multiclass rules on page 163), as you wish. Despite starting at level 2, you will be starting with only the gear of a 1st-level character.

Incorporating your character

If I haven't already worked with you on a backstory, be aware that each of you will be starting the game in the town of Archdale on Quest Day. I want each of you to be able to tell me how long your character has been in town (Did they just arrive that morning? Have they been in town for a few days in preparation? Do they live in the area, and they're taking time off to join a quest?) as well as a brief idea of where your character is from (even if all you have is "a small town down the King's Road" or "up in the capital"). Also, try and think about whether your character has any family, or friends that they associate with, so that I can work them into the story whenever possible. I am going to be using plot hooks from your characters whenever I can, so the closer I can tie you in with the world around you, the better!

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